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90 percent of Australian internet users looked for information on products and services online, and 69 percent purchased goods/services online.

How competative is your website in relation to your competition?
To maximise your website’s ROI (return on investment) you need to understand your sites current performance by analyzing the site’s KPI’s (key performance indicators). Each website will have unique goals and so its KPI’s will also reflect the uniqueness of the site and its goals.

Some of the more common website marketing KPI’s are:

  • Number of Leads generated
  • Page Stickiness
  • Site Traffic Growth
  • Relevance of Site Traffic
  • ROI (Return on Investment)

Websites are created to perform different business functions depending on the type of product or service being offered. Your business model should define the purpose of your website and this in turn will determine the best online marketing strategy. A properly run online marketing campaign leads to more sales by creating better brand awareness and enabling you to showcase your company’s products and services.

To be ensure your website is effectively performing and delivering results requires correct analysis of not only the website itself but also a good understanding of the business that sits behind the website. To find out how your websites performing or to find out we can help you drastically improve your websites performance check out our 5 step quick review here.

Is your website effectively building brand awareness?
Brand awareness is a key factor if your business is to grow either on or offline. Effective brand awareness is an important factor when you’re considering putting your business online. A well-produced and marketed professional website will have a huge impact of how your business is perceived by potential clients, on the other hand a website that has little or no concern for branding, or usability, can have an equally negative effect on your business and its brand equity.

To market your brand online effectively, you need to be able to answer a number of key questions regarding the expected outcome of the website that built. Website content must not only engage the prospective consumer but it must also please the search engines if your brands to rank above the rest.

How well is your website performing at building your companies brand awareness?
To find out, let one of our experts analyze your website and deliver you with a free no obligation brand awareness action plan for your website.